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Tinitron Inc. has a long history for over 40 years. In 1997 Western Transformers, Inc. acquired power supply and power transformer operations of MultiComp, Inc.; the company that spun off from Tektronix. Since the company diversified into areas of power systems and components in addition to transformers, a new name was developed, Tinitron Inc.

Tinitron Inc. is continually expanding and growing, with the advanced skills of all of our employees. Our engineers are continually working on innovative designs. Quality is important to us and our customers. We believe in producing the best products possible, which is why each project is created from concept to finished product here at Tinitron Inc.

Tinitron Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes some 6,000 different types of power transformers, power supplies, power systems and magnetic components for all types of industrial & demanding applications. We believe -- with our solid experience, reliability, and versatility -- we are able to meet well the needs of our customers. We design and provide application specific products to fit our customer’s requirements. We can build to suit your specifications and we ship anywhere in the world.





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