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Tinitron has the capability of designing and manufacturing solenoids, voice coils, and inductors to meet your needs and specifications. Whether you need to push, pull or twist we can make a solenoid for you. We can either make it to your design, or help you design one to fit your needs. Then when it comes to controlling it look at our RCS1000 remote control unit. It can activate up to four solenoid devices from up to 300'. 

We have designed special heavy duty voice coils used to control cutting heads in a pattern cutting machine. Another of our coil designs is used in a vibrating conveyer system that moves potato chips down the production line, while yet another design is used to move ink jet heads along the line. Our inductors are used in everything from power line harmonic filters to RF chokes.

Magnetic Amplifier
  Magnetic Coil Component
  Magnetic Component
Magnetic Amplifier

Magnetic Coil

Magnetic Component

Food Processing
Electromagnetic Drive This component is an electromagnetic drive for a vibrating conveyor in food processing and manufacturing.    


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