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Advanced Battery Charge Controllers
Tinitron’s Battery Charge Controller is both smart and versatile with adaptable designs.

While lead-acid batteries have been around for hundreds of years, advances in charging technology are happening all the time. Such is the case with the Battery Charge Controller from Tinitron. With its advanced capabilities and smart circuitry it goes beyond the basic battery charger and even beyond the so-called advanced chargers by monitoring all key parameters including voltage, current and temperature.

Charging Basics In general, lead acid batteries require three different charging modes: Bulk Charging where the maximum charging current is applied until the absorption limit of the battery is reached; Absorption Charging where the charging current is slowly decreased to 1.7A; and Trickle Charging where the charger maintains the 1.7A for a time period equal to the bulk charging time plus an additional 20 minutes. It is possible to simply time the cycles based on the initial charge of the battery, however there is one more factor that needs to be addressed – temperature.

Temperature affects both the amount and rate of charge. If the temperature is high, the charge voltage and current must be lowered to allow the cell to absorb the charge. Conversely if the temperature is low the charge can be increased without any problems. Excessive temperatures will also generate explosive gasses inside the battery. Advanced Charging Unlike other chargers that simply apply maximum current for a fixed amount of time and then dropping to a trickle charge.

The Tinitron Battery Charge Controller uses an advanced microprocessor-based system to continuously monitor and adjust the charge voltage and current based on the exact charge condition of the battery and the temperature. It will even stop charging if the temperature rises above safe limits. It is impossible to stop a battery’s self-discharge, however if the batteries are still attached to the BBC after 9 hours, it will start the charging cycle over. Tinitron’s Battery Charge Controller is both smart and versatile. It’s modular design can be adapted to charge from as few as 3 cells to over 70 cells making it capable of charging everything from golf carts to electric vehicles.


Transformer Technology
Even under mechanical and electrical stresses, these transformers can be built to fit almost any situation and application.

The future of transformers is bold in our evolving world. Tinitron's R&D department is constantly improving on transformer designs to deliver optimum value. With new technology and engineers pushing the limits, one of the most important power technologies is more efficient and reliable then ever. Not only do well designed transformers save energy, but they have incredibly low energy loss which creates a more efficient machine. Even under mechanical and electrical stresses, transformers can be built to fit almost any situation and application.

Tinitron Inc. stays on top of the latest technologies and pushes the envelope to be ahead of industry and continue to produce the transformers of tomorrow. The simple idea of electrical equipment designed to convert one altering current voltage to another has grown over time into a complex system of categories to suit the worlds ever growing needs. Tinitron Inc. transformers, power supplies, power controllers, and battery chargers have found their way into some of today's most innovative high-tech equipment and mission-critical applications literally affecting the safety and well being of people all over the world. Our specialty distribution transformers are standard throughout the oil and gas exploration and production industry in underwater robotic vehicles. These are built to withstand tremendous variations in temperature and pressure. Tinitron Inc. has used its advanced technology to design and built high quality components used in defibrillators, patient monitors, test equipment, and electron microscopes.

Tinitron Inc. provides power control products with added benefits like superior efficiency, longevity, flexibility, and reliability. Products like this are always in demand. With the future of transformers growing and the markets expanding all over the globe, Tinitron Inc. will be there to lead the way for the future of transformers.


TINITRON Inc. Transforms Power Quality
Harmonic noise cancellation systems will improve power quality and performance.

Tinitron Inc. brings quality transformers to the market from the creation and design to the testing and delivery. Highly efficient transformers made by Tinitron save energy and reduce operating costs. Operating efficiency is often overlooked by other suppliers, especially in their large transformers. One overlooked issue is harmonics. Uncontrolled harmonics can diminish the life span of equipment, create poor power factor, and lead to failures. Harmonic noise cancellation systems will improve power quality and performance.

Harmonics are currents and voltages at frequencies that are integer multiples of the fundamental power frequency. If the sine wave voltages and signals are distorted, then harmonic noise distortion becomes an issue. In many circumstances this noise is created by harmonic currents from nonlinear load signatures that produce distorted non-sinusoidal or "dirty" wave shapes. There are two places non-linear loads are found, single-phase non-linear loads are common in modern office buildings while three-phase non-linear loads are generally in factories and industrial plants. These unwanted; even harmful; harmonics can cause fuse interruptions, motor failures, overheating, and many other equipment issues. Other fallout related to harmonic distortion is poor power factor resulting in higher utility bills and wasted energy due to inefficient use of the electricity delivered by the utility.

Cleaning up these issues is the key to a more efficient transformer and will save on down time, long term ware, and repairs. Harmonics at Tinitron are addressed by filtering and cancellation methods. Tinitron Inc. has engineered, K Factor Transformers, harmonic-cancellation transformers and dynamic Power Factor Correction systems.  These products address the problems caused by non-linear loads (ie., harmonics and poor power factor). These products are designed to have longer life spans by withstanding the effects of harmonic currents while not exceeding the temperature rating of the insulation system. This minimizes the stresses on a transformer's insulation preventing insulation breakdown and failure.
It is important to manage "dirty" power and prevent harmonic problems. By consulting Tinitron Inc. Harmonic issues can be prevented.



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