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Tinitron Inc. can create power supply systems to fit your needs.With our huge background in power transformers, it is only natural that we would also build some DC power supplies to go along with them. Our primary design efforts are around large wattage linear supplies >1kW in any combination of voltage and current.

One of our specialties are multi-pulse power supplies which use three phase power to generate DC with very little ripple. The most common form is the six pulse where each phase is ran through a full wave rectifier creating DC with 3-5% ripple at 360 Hz, which in most cases requires little to no filtering. While the six pulse is nice, it is easy to add one more winding to the transformer in a wye or star configuration. This adds another 30o phase shift creating another set of three voltages and another six-pulse output. This further reduces the ripple to 1-2% at 720Hz.

Military Power Supply
Military Power Supply Constant voltage, constant current, variable volt, variable current power supply for testing avionics at McClaren Air Force Base    
One Hour Photo Shops
Silver Recovery Power Supplies
Power Supplies for non-destructive test equipment.    
Military Spec Power Supply
ilitary Spec Power Supply


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