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Here at Tinitron we not only build transformers, we can also re-build them. Rebuilding is often harder and usually more expensive than a new design due to the extra labor involved in tearing the old transformer apart and reverse engineering. But when the form, and fit are just as critical as function, we will go the extra mile to re-build your transformer better than new.

Repaired Transformer
Repaired Transformer
Recently, when Weyerhaeuser Truss Joist of Oregon experienced a catastrophic failure in a critical transformer, we were able to rebuild it and get them back on line in 8 days.    
Repaired Transformer
Repaired Transformer Our finished re-built transformer. This is a 1.5 megawatt, 1,000 cycle transformer for an induction melting furnace. Completed in only 12 days.    


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